Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dia del Niño

Parece que en este pais tan lejano y con tantas diferencias entre nuestra cultura cada dia encontramos mas similitudes entre ellas, el celebrar a los ninos, Pues asi es existe tambien un dia para los ninos como en mexico y ese dia exactamente no celebramos pero lo hicimos el dia 30 de Abril, y fue la primera ves que estube en un Karaoke y que disfrute de todo como un nino !!!
With this country being so far way from home and with all its differences between our cultures (Mexican & American) each day we find more similarities among them; like Children's Day. In Mexico, we celebrate it on April 30th. Here it's May 5th. Thriller Karaoke was the venue. This being a first for all of us so not so well versed on any one song and no one to impress, we had a go at it. It was a blast!! We had our own little room, decorated in Disney, a telephone to order food so we had french fries, spaghetti and a hot dog for me. My favorite song "Life is a Highway" I wanna drive it all night long!! All of us enjoyed Children's Day acting as children except for me!

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