Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Mis papas y yo fuimos a Otaru, jajaj me queria meter a nadar en el canal, parecia tan interesante para mi, no dejaba de admirar el agua hasta que mi mama me dijo que habia cocodrilos para que no fuera a brincar !!! soy nino del agua !!!
Lo que me gusto mucho fue pasear en un carrito mientras un joven lo conducia y explicaba todo alrededor de Otaru.
Despues de tanto caminar y conocer esa pequena ciudad llena de historia por su puerto nacional e internacional mas importante con Rusia.
Me quede dormidito en el carro antes de llegar a la casa !!
We went to Otaru and as soon as I saw the canal, I wanted to jump in and take a swim, it looked so inviting!! I kept climbing the railing, but my dad kept pulling me back down. My temptation didn't stop until my mom said that crocs live there. I love the water!!!
What I liked the best was the rickshaw. While the driver ran us around old Otaru he explained the history of old abandoned buildings, which were once banks or warehouses 100 years old. He would stop and take our picture so that it captured the antique buildings in the background. Otaru, used to be one of Hokkaido's most prominent port, thus it's thriving past is reflected in the many banks now empty along main street.
Now, tons of tourists descend upon Otaru. It's not common to see traditional Japanese-style housing around most of Hokkaido so with Otaru two hours away, we are able to admire them.
On the way home I gently closed my eyes and fell asleep.

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