Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dia del Niño

Parece que en este pais tan lejano y con tantas diferencias entre nuestra cultura cada dia encontramos mas similitudes entre ellas, el celebrar a los ninos, Pues asi es existe tambien un dia para los ninos como en mexico y ese dia exactamente no celebramos pero lo hicimos el dia 30 de Abril, y fue la primera ves que estube en un Karaoke y que disfrute de todo como un nino !!!
With this country being so far way from home and with all its differences between our cultures (Mexican & American) each day we find more similarities among them; like Children's Day. In Mexico, we celebrate it on April 30th. Here it's May 5th. Thriller Karaoke was the venue. This being a first for all of us so not so well versed on any one song and no one to impress, we had a go at it. It was a blast!! We had our own little room, decorated in Disney, a telephone to order food so we had french fries, spaghetti and a hot dog for me. My favorite song "Life is a Highway" I wanna drive it all night long!! All of us enjoyed Children's Day acting as children except for me!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Mis papas y yo fuimos a Otaru, jajaj me queria meter a nadar en el canal, parecia tan interesante para mi, no dejaba de admirar el agua hasta que mi mama me dijo que habia cocodrilos para que no fuera a brincar !!! soy nino del agua !!!
Lo que me gusto mucho fue pasear en un carrito mientras un joven lo conducia y explicaba todo alrededor de Otaru.
Despues de tanto caminar y conocer esa pequena ciudad llena de historia por su puerto nacional e internacional mas importante con Rusia.
Me quede dormidito en el carro antes de llegar a la casa !!
We went to Otaru and as soon as I saw the canal, I wanted to jump in and take a swim, it looked so inviting!! I kept climbing the railing, but my dad kept pulling me back down. My temptation didn't stop until my mom said that crocs live there. I love the water!!!
What I liked the best was the rickshaw. While the driver ran us around old Otaru he explained the history of old abandoned buildings, which were once banks or warehouses 100 years old. He would stop and take our picture so that it captured the antique buildings in the background. Otaru, used to be one of Hokkaido's most prominent port, thus it's thriving past is reflected in the many banks now empty along main street.
Now, tons of tourists descend upon Otaru. It's not common to see traditional Japanese-style housing around most of Hokkaido so with Otaru two hours away, we are able to admire them.
On the way home I gently closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


En la manana me levante temprano por que tenia mucha emocion de saber que me habia escondido Easter Bunny, despues de buscar encontre mis regalos, pero mi dia continuo lleno de sorpresas, Kiyoshirou mi amigo vino a mi casa a buscar los huevos en el jardin, pero este conejo los escondio muy bien, tal ves penso que teniamos como 10 anos, jaja
I was so anxious to find out what the Easter Bunny had brought, I got up really early. After checking every nook and cranny, which they aren't a lot of, I discovered something under my toy kitchen. It was a bag full of goodies. Later that day, my friend from kindy, Kyoshirou came over to hunt for easter eggs in my backyard. We had a hard time finding them at first, but with a little help from Dad pointing out possible hiding places, we got them all.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Llego Santa Claus...

Esta vez Santa Claus viajo hasta Japon para entregarme mis regalos, y yo trabaje en mis galletas, para que el pudiera comer, tomar un vaso de leche antes de continuar con su trabajo, su proposito se cumplio me hizo el nino mas feliz, despues de descubrir mis regalos en la manana del dia 25, mis ojos y mi cuerpo se bloquearon viendo toda la pista de trenes, ni me importo abrir los otros regalos, finalmente despues de regresar de la escuela abri mi bateria.....Gracias Santa por mis regalos!!!!
This time Santa came all the way to Japan. I helped make some cookies so he could enjoy them with a glass of cold milk. He obviously liked them because there was nothing left in the morning...Yeah! As I stared at the train set, my eyes still hazy from having just woken up, I couldn't believe it. Nothing else was important to me in that moment except playing with the trains. I didn't even open my other presents until after I had come back from school. Yes, I actually had school on Christmas day. The other gift was a drumset.....Thanks Santa for all my gifts!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cocinando con papa

Mi papa y yo fuimos a una clase de cocina hicimos un sandwich de cocodrilo y un pastel navideno, tambien hubo un show de magia. Me diverti muchisimo !!!

My daddy & I went to a cooking class. We made a crocodile sandwich y a Christmas cake. There was also a magic show. We had a great time!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mini Concierto

A finales de septiembre empeze a ir a el kindergarten よいこのくに (Yoikonokuni), mi clase se llama のびのび (nobi nobi), solamente voy dos veces a la semana, pero casi se acerca el fin de ano entonces nos reunimos todos para presentar un mini concierto donde bailamos la musica de ROCK IN ROBIN vestidos de angelitos. Yo no pare de bailar con mi propio estilo de brincar, correr y mover ahhh no sabia muy bien el baile, praticaron una semana que no fui. Tambien hicimos una corona y comimos el Lunch con nuestras mamas... fue un dia perfecto para convivir con la familia de mis nuevos companeros.

At the end of September, I began to go to よいこのくに (Yoikonokuni) kindergarten. My class is called のびのび (nobi nobi). It's for us tikes. I only go twice a week, but since the year is coming to an end, we got together and had a mini concert where we danced to the music of ROCKIN' ROBIN dressed as angels (literally). I didn't stop dancing to my own personal style of jumping, running and spinning around ahhh.... I didn't know the dance because I missed the week they had practiced. We also made a wreath and had lunch with our moms. It was a perfect day for hanging out with the families of my new classmates.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

La visita de Mateo

Mateo me ha visto crecer y hemos compartido muchos momentos especiales, se podria decir que para mi es como otro Abuelo, lo amo mucho y siempre que paso tiempo con el, me divierto!!!
El vino a Japon para visitarnos por 24 horas y conocer nuestra nueva vida en Iwamizawa...Gracias Mateo por siempre estar pendiente de mi.
Mateo has seen me grow up and we've shared many special moments together. One could say that for me, he is like another Grandfather. He came to Japan to visit us for 24 hours to see what our new life in Iwamizawa was like. Even though we only had a short to play, we whooped it up laughing non-stop. Thanks Mateo for being there.