Monday, December 28, 2009

Llego Santa Claus...

Esta vez Santa Claus viajo hasta Japon para entregarme mis regalos, y yo trabaje en mis galletas, para que el pudiera comer, tomar un vaso de leche antes de continuar con su trabajo, su proposito se cumplio me hizo el nino mas feliz, despues de descubrir mis regalos en la manana del dia 25, mis ojos y mi cuerpo se bloquearon viendo toda la pista de trenes, ni me importo abrir los otros regalos, finalmente despues de regresar de la escuela abri mi bateria.....Gracias Santa por mis regalos!!!!
This time Santa came all the way to Japan. I helped make some cookies so he could enjoy them with a glass of cold milk. He obviously liked them because there was nothing left in the morning...Yeah! As I stared at the train set, my eyes still hazy from having just woken up, I couldn't believe it. Nothing else was important to me in that moment except playing with the trains. I didn't even open my other presents until after I had come back from school. Yes, I actually had school on Christmas day. The other gift was a drumset.....Thanks Santa for all my gifts!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cocinando con papa

Mi papa y yo fuimos a una clase de cocina hicimos un sandwich de cocodrilo y un pastel navideno, tambien hubo un show de magia. Me diverti muchisimo !!!

My daddy & I went to a cooking class. We made a crocodile sandwich y a Christmas cake. There was also a magic show. We had a great time!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mini Concierto

A finales de septiembre empeze a ir a el kindergarten よいこのくに (Yoikonokuni), mi clase se llama のびのび (nobi nobi), solamente voy dos veces a la semana, pero casi se acerca el fin de ano entonces nos reunimos todos para presentar un mini concierto donde bailamos la musica de ROCK IN ROBIN vestidos de angelitos. Yo no pare de bailar con mi propio estilo de brincar, correr y mover ahhh no sabia muy bien el baile, praticaron una semana que no fui. Tambien hicimos una corona y comimos el Lunch con nuestras mamas... fue un dia perfecto para convivir con la familia de mis nuevos companeros.

At the end of September, I began to go to よいこのくに (Yoikonokuni) kindergarten. My class is called のびのび (nobi nobi). It's for us tikes. I only go twice a week, but since the year is coming to an end, we got together and had a mini concert where we danced to the music of ROCKIN' ROBIN dressed as angels (literally). I didn't stop dancing to my own personal style of jumping, running and spinning around ahhh.... I didn't know the dance because I missed the week they had practiced. We also made a wreath and had lunch with our moms. It was a perfect day for hanging out with the families of my new classmates.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

La visita de Mateo

Mateo me ha visto crecer y hemos compartido muchos momentos especiales, se podria decir que para mi es como otro Abuelo, lo amo mucho y siempre que paso tiempo con el, me divierto!!!
El vino a Japon para visitarnos por 24 horas y conocer nuestra nueva vida en Iwamizawa...Gracias Mateo por siempre estar pendiente de mi.
Mateo has seen me grow up and we've shared many special moments together. One could say that for me, he is like another Grandfather. He came to Japan to visit us for 24 hours to see what our new life in Iwamizawa was like. Even though we only had a short to play, we whooped it up laughing non-stop. Thanks Mateo for being there.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Mi primer ano de celebrar en Iwamizawa Halloween, fue toda una experiencia fuimos a pedir dulces en algunas tiendas en el centro, despues fue el concurso de Disfraces, y pueden creer Gane el 1 Lugar, me regalaron una lampara de calabaza, un disfraz, dulces y mas....
My first year to celebrate Halloween in Iwamizawa. What an experience!! We went trick or treating to some stores around downtown and returned to ぷらっとパアク (Puratto Park) for a costume contest...and guess who won?? Yours truly!!. I received a Jack-o-lantern lamp, a dracula cape, candies and more....

Monday, September 28, 2009

Maruyama ZOO

Mis papas me llevaron al Zoo en Sapporo, me subi en un caballo, ehhh!!! estaba emocionadisimo ni me queria bajar, mami y yo vimos el panda rojo, con mi papi pude cargar un huevo de avestruz. Al final del dia en el Zoologico una rica nieve de Limon.

We went to the zoo in Sapporo and I got to ride this horse, yeah!!! I was so excited I didn't want to get off. My mom and I saw the red pandas and my daddy and I got to hold an Ostrich egg. At the end of our stay, I enjoyed a delicious Lemon ice cream.

Silver Week

Una semana llena de fiesta y por lo tanto hubo un gran descanso en el trabajo de mi papi pudimos hacer el famoso Mochi, cuentan que quien lo come vivira por 100 anos, por lo tanto yo hice mochi y tambien fui a ver como lo hacian en el centro pero ese molcajete era enorme mami tomo esta foto para ustedes.
A week full of holiday and a break from work for my daddy. We made the famous Mochi (rice paste), which if you eat, you can live 100 years...Bonzai!!! It's not the best tasting thing, but it's worth trying. We went downtown to watch them make Mochi, in the big mortar (the picture on the right).

Festival de Jinja Mappei

Este festival estubo cerca de mi casa, fui con mis papas, Jennifer y Emma a dar un recorrido en la noche y encontre miles de comidas raras jaja, pero yo por supuesto me comi unas ricas papas a la francesa, en las fotos se podran dar cuenta.

This festival was near my house. I went with my mommy & pappy & a couple of my dad's colleagues: Jennifer & Emma. We walked by a bunch of stands, mostly food, but a few sold toys or had games where you could win something. The foods that I remember the most were the french dogs (hot dog on a stick) and tacos. I ate some french fries and enjoyed watching the kids try to catch fish with a paper net.

Despidiendo a mi Tita y Marciux...

Un dia antes de la partida de mi Tita y Marciux, fuimos a cenar en un restaurante de Ramen y al dia siguiente me levante temprano para llevarlas a el Aeropuerto en Chitose, ahhh fue tan dificil dejar ir a mi Tita, y mas triste cuando regrese a mi casa y las busque y no estaban solo su AMOR...
Gracias por su tiempo, por dejar todo por venir a acompanarme en esta aventura que apenas va empezando. Las amo mucho a las DOS!!!

A day before my Tita, Auntie Marcia & I parted ways, we ate at a ramen restaurant. It was our first time having to kneel while eating. The next day, we woke up early to take them to New Chitose Airport. was so hard to let my Tita go and even sadder when we got back to the house and I looked for them and they weren't there except for their LOVE...
Thank you so much for your time, for leaving everything at home to accompany me over to start my new adventure, which is just beginning. I love you both very much!!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

ZOO en Asahikawa

Mi primer visita en un zoologico aqui en Hokkaido, me quede impactado con el leon como rugia jajaj!!!!Lo que habia visto antes eran los pinguinos, pero en Asahiyama habia varias especies, tambien un gran espectaculo de monos!!!!
En el tren que nos llevo a el Zoo habia asientos de animales, juegos, todo el tren estaba decorado.

My first visit to the zoo here in Hokkaido, impacted me immensely. How the lion's roar vibrated the cages, wow!!! I had seen the penguins before, but at Asahiyama zoo, there were so many varieties. The orangutan and her young climbing up a post from one cage then crossing over the crowd of people to reach their other play area.
To get to the zoo, we went in a special train. Each car had an animal theme. At the front was a play area for kids.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jardin Japones

Este es un Jardin Japones donde hay un sin fin de historia. Fue un lugar lleno de paz, no como otros lugares que habia ido donde hay muchos ninos corriendo y jugando. Aqui, vi la naturaleza embellecida: arboles y arbustos arreglado, piedras puestas asi muy esteticamente y un estanque y puentes constuidos para que uno se siente totalmente relajado.

This is a Japanese Garden, which is full of history. It was a peaceful place, not like other places I've been to, where a lot of kids are running and playing. Here I got to see nature dressed up: trees and bushes pruned all nice and rocks placed very aesthetically, ponds and bridges built so that one feels truly relaxed.

mI lLeGaDa A jApOn!!!!

Ese dia fue el mas esperado y feliz llegue y estube jugando con mi Tita mientras las maletas estaban listas, papito estaba ahi esperandonos, ahh mis ojos se iluminaron y no quise dejarlo ni un minuto, encontre mi nueva casa llena de juguetes y sorpresas, Gracias papito por esta oportunidad de compartir contigo mi vida en JAPON!!!! Arigato gozaimasu.

This was the most awaited and happiest moment!! Arriving at the New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido, I was playing with Tita while the luggage was just starting to make its rounds on the carousel and I saw my Daddy there waiting for us. eyes lit up and all I wanted was to be with Daddy. We found our house to be full of toys and surprises (the last family that lived here left a bunch of things for us). Thank you so much Daddy for this opportunity to live in Japan!!!! Arigato Gozaimasu.

Geraldin, Emilio & Dominic

Mis ultimos dias en Morelia pude brincar, jugar, correr con mis amigos. Gracias por su compania y tiempo compartidos cada momento lo disfrute espero que cuando regrese todavia pueda comunicarme con ustedes, osea empiezen a aprender japones jajaja.

My last days in Morelia were spent jumping, playing and running with my friends. Thanks for keeping me company and sharing your time. I enjoyed every moment!! I hope that when I return, I'll be able to communicate with you all, you better start learning some Japanese then...ha ha ha!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Me encanta NADAR

Estos dias he empezado a socializarme con el agua, al principio fue dificil pero en este video es mi segunda semana que nado y cada dia que pasa me encanta mas, todos los dias pregunto por Vero, es mi maestra jajaja quisiera estar todo el tiempo en el agua. Soy el de gorra ROJA

These days, I have begun to familiarize myself with the water.  At first, it was difficult, but as you can see in this video (my second week), I am getting much better.  I love it more and more each day.  I ask for Vero, my swim instructor, all day long.  She is very good with me.  I would be in the water 24-7 if I could...hehehe.  I am the one in the red swim cap.  

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Conoci la playa por Primera vez...

En junio, fuimos a Ixtapa/Zihuatenejo.  Esta era mi primera vez en la playa y al parecer me hizo sentir una inmensidad, entonces no me agrado mucho, pero me encanto la arena y en las fotos se pueden dar cuenta.  Tita y Tato nos acompanaron y gozaron verme reaccionar al oceano.  Nadando en el alberca en la villa es mas mi estilo.

In June, we went to Ixtapa/Zihuatenejo.  This was my first time on the beach and it made me feel an unbounded greatness, which overcame me and I am not sure I liked it.  I loved playing in the sand and running along the shore until my parents told me it was time to go.  Tita and Tato also came along and enjoyed watching my reaction to the ocean.  Swimming in the pool at the villa was more my style.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Este ano mi cumpleanos fue doble y no por que cumpli dos anos si no por que como todos saben estaba en Nampa y regrese a Morelia entonces mis papas hicieron unas pequenas reuniones con amigos de Idaho y de Morelia.

This year, my birthday was double and not because I turned two.  As you all know I was in Nampa and I just recently returned to Morelia.  So, we had a celebration with my friends from Idaho and from Morelia.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Reencuentro de mis Amigas

EHhh parecia un sueno hecho realidad cuando por primera vez despues de mi largo viaje a Nampa me encontre con Geraldin y Nathalia, muestra de nuestra amistad y carino estan en estas fotos. Gracias por ser mis amigas y aguantarme cuando me enojo osea casi nunca jajaja quien sabe a quien me parezca.  Se que vamos a ser buenos amigos por muchos anos aun cuando estoy viviendo muy lejos en Japon.

AHhh it's like a dream come true when for the first time after my long trip to Nampa, I found my good friends Geraldin and Nathalia again.  As soon as I saw them, I showed them how much I had missed their presence.  I am grateful for the friendship and their putting up with me when I throw a fit, which is almost never ha ha ha.... who knows where I get that from??  I know that we'll be good friends for many years to come even while I am living many miles away in Japan.

Monday, May 25, 2009

BAILE DE TRASIE 21 Mayo 2009

Trasie mi prima no se habia sentido muy bien en estos dias, pero llego el dia de su baile azteca. Ella lo hizo maravilloso, que ni podia creerlo, bailando, se veia tan bonita y la veran en la foto conmigo. Estoy tan orgulloso de ella.

Trasie, my cousin, hasn't felt very well these days, but the day of her Aztecan dance arrived. She did it extraordinarily! I couldn't believe it. She looked so nice in her outfit that her mom had made for her. Here she is in the photo with me. I am so proud of her!


Mi prima Andrea se graduo del Prescolar hoy y yo estuve presente para aplaudirle en sus canciones y para darle un abrazo y beso de felicitaciones. Lo lograste Andrea!!

My cousin Andrea graduated from preschool and I was there to aplaud her while she sang in a concert. I gave her a hug and kiss of congratulations. You did it Andrea!!

MATEO 19 Mayo 2009

Ehh!!! mientras mi mama me levanto de la silla del coche despues de haber dormido mas de la mitad a nuestro destinario, abri mis ojos y trate de reconocer donde mis papis me habian llevado ahora. Nosotros habiamos llegado a la casa de Mateo. Mateo ha sido un amigo de mis papas desde 1999. El fue a mexico con mi papa para aprender espanol, donde conocio mi mama...muy conveniente, no? Habiamos tratado de juntarnos antes, pero no fue exitoso porque no me sentia bien. Nuestro plan de este tarde era ir a comer algun lado antes de irnos a mexico y luego japon. Las fotos son con mi tio Mateo jugando con los juguetes de sus hijos, pueden creerlo? Me diverti un monton! my mom lifted me out of my car seat having slept more than half the way to our destination, I opened my eyes and tried to figure out where my parents had taken me now. We had arrived to Mateo's house. Mateo has been a friend of my parents since 1999. He went to Mexico with my dad to learn Spanish, where he met my convenient, huh? We had tried to get together with Mateo before, but were unsuccessful due to yours truly getting sick. Our plans this evening were to go out to eat together before we take off for Mexico and then Japan. These photos are with my uncle Mateo playing with his sons' toys. I had a wonderful time playing with someone else's toys for a change.

EL ZOO Domingo 17 Mayo 2009

Conoci por primera vez a Ian y Esme los ninos de Josh el amigo de mi papi.

Estuvimos en el Zoo viendo los pinguinos moverse un lado al otro como torpedos. La mayoria de los animales se escondieron en la sombra para escapar del calor, pero las zebras nos dejaron ver comer. Otras cosas emocionantes que vi eran un tamarin, una tortuga, un dragon komodo y una rana de color azul. Ni sentia cansancio despues de correr, brincar, subir y bajar de todos lados.

I met Ian and Esme for the first time. They're Josh and Estel's kids. My daddy and Josh have known each other for a long time through judo.

We went to the zoo and the first thing we saw were the penguins, which zoomed back and forth in the water like torpedos. Most of the animals hid in the shadows to escape from the 90 degree heat, but the zebras did give us an opportunity to watch them eat. Other amazing things I saw were a Cotton-top tamarin, a tortoise, a komodo dragon and a blue frog. I didn't even feel tired after having run, jumped, climbed up and down everywhere.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Celebration Park, Melba 16 Mayo 2009

Fuimos a conocer en Melba el Celebration Park con mis amigas Emily y Gabbie , andabamos brincando de piedra en piedra y tratando de recoger cada una de las que estaban en el piso , jajaj algun dia ibamos a terminar.
La piedra que esta atras de nosotros esta llena de petroglificos. Nuestro guia nos decia que hace 12 000 anos vivian indios aqui en el invierno.
Cerca de ahi esta este puente para cruzar el rio Snake que fue contruido en 1897. Era toda una experiencia diferente y emocionante con la Naturaleza a mi alrededor.
We went to Celebration Park, near Melba with Emily and Gabbie last weekend. We jumped from one cobblestone to the next, picked up pebbles along the way thinking we would gather them all not realizing that would've taken a lifetime...haha. The rock that is behind us is full of petroglyphs. Our guide explained to us that 12,000 years ago, Paiute Indians used to winter here.
Near there, is this walking bridge, which was built in 1897. We had fun looking down onto the Snake River from here. It was an amazing experience overall being in nature and treading over ancient footprints.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Day

Este es mi primer ano festejando Easter, mi papi dice que cuando el era chiquito buscaban la canasta, que escondia Easter Bunny, esa canasta estaba llena de regalitos y ahora yo estoy empezando a conocer mas de la cultura de mi papi.
En la manana fui a la Iglesia para celebrar la resurreccion de Cristo y despues de la misa todos los ninos fuimos a buscar los huevos, pero yo queria abrirlos cada ves que encontraba uno.
Mas tarde comimos toda la Familia Hogin y no podiamos esperar para buscar mas huevos en el jardin de mis abuelos entonces mis primas y yo fuimos a encontrarlos y con ayuda de mis papas, tios y primas logre llenar mi canasta ehhh!!!! estaba listisimo para comer todos mis dulces este mismo dia, pero ya saben mami no me dejo aunque papi y mi tio Travis andaban consintiendome.

This was my first time celebrating Easter. My daddy says that when he was a little one, he and his brothers went looking for a basket left by the Easter bunny. The basket was full of goodies. Now I am getting to know this custom.
We left early for the church to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Afterwards all of us kids went on a hunt for eggs. Every time, I picked one up, I wanted to open it and find the prize.
Later, we ate dinner with the Hogin family and I couldn't wait to find more eggs in my grandparents' backyard. This time they weren't as easy to find as they were at the church so with some help from my aunt, uncles and cousins my basket was brimming with colorful eggs. I was ready to open them right up, but as you all know mommy wouldn't let me even though daddy, uncle Travis and uncle Dave were enticing me.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Mi cobijita ya esta terminado! Y anoche, la estrene muy orgullosamente. No fue solo el trabajo de mi mama, sino tambien de mi abuela Jean. Ella unio todo con la maquina y mami hizo el punto de cruz del oso en el vocho. Este proyecto empezo antes de que naciera, pero como todos saben me adelante y no se finalizo hasta ahora.

My blanket is finished! And last night I slept with it for the first time. It was not only the work of my mom, but my grandma Jean, as well. She sewed everything together after my mom had cross-stitched the bear in the Volkswagen. This project started before I was born, but since I came 6 weeks early, she wasn't able to finalize it until now.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gaby y Emily

Ayer fui con mis amigas Gaby y Emily. A ellas las conoci por mis papas. Su papa Mike tiene mucha historia con mi papa. Estuvieron juntos en la escuela (desde la primaria), scouts y en algunos equipos de deportes. Bueno, son como compadres.

Fuimos temprano para que mi papa les ayudara con una pergola. Ya tenia un ano que no nos veiamos, pero jugamos como si fuera ayer. Gaby no llego hasta la 1:30 porque tenia clases. Mientras Emily y yo platicamos un rato. Ella me decia muchas cosas que todavia me tiene en duda, pero pasamos bien divertido.

Afuera mi papa y Mike calculaban sus pasos cuidadosamente y no oimos ningun ruido. Pero lo que pasa es que un poste no estaba en el centro y tenian que medir todo bien antes de hacer los cortes. Sin embargo, casi terminamos solo que falto madera.

Yesterday we went to Gaby and Emily's house. I got to know them through my parents because their dad Mike and my dad go way back. They went to school together (since Elementary), were in Boy Scouts and even played sports (not always on the same team though).

We left early so that my dad could help them with a pergola over their back patio. It had been a year since we had seen each other, but we played as if it had been yesterday. Gaby didn't arrive until 1:30 because she was at school. Meanwhile, Emily and I talked for awhile. She said a lot of things that I'm still a little doubtful about, but we had a great time!

Outside, my dad, Mike and his dad were calculating very carefully and we didn't hear any noise. But what happened is that one post was not exactly centered due to an underground cable which forced them to change their original position. So they had to measure everything again before cutting. They almost finished except the wood became scarce.